Our property’s history in a nutshell

IT’S LATE SEPTEMBER, and the work on the renovations of the Dove Cottage Ministries facility is progressing… Slowly. But progressing, nonetheless. The property itself is in historic downtown Aurora, Indiana, on a bend in the Ohio River. The history of the property is very interesting in its own right. Built in 1840 as a two-room,

COMING HOME: What’s really here for them?

COMING HOME: What’s really here for them? WHEN MISSIONARIES come home from the field, it’s never the easiest time of their life, or the easiest decision to make. In the November 25th, 2013 edition of the Christian Standard magazine, an article appeared that, when I read it, it made me really think about what they

WE ARE Dove Cottage Ministries

WE ARE Dove Cottage Ministries — helping missionaries while they are at home. VERY LATE in 2016, God put our personal life into a U-turn. Instead of traveling the USA looking for the perfect place to retire to, He opened a new chapter in our lives that was previously closed to us. In the 30-plus